The Montreal / Canada-born Photographer Claude Langlois graduate at the Université du Québec in Montréal, UQAM Bac, es Science Sport. He made as well in arts and crafts. Earlier in photography and cinematography at the CEGEP College de Maisonneuve / Montreal. Now he is leaving in the South of Munich. At his early age he has develope a taste for art photography. His early works brought him good critical appreciation and recognition in Quebec.

His work focused successfully in Art and photography. On European exhibitions in various topics, his black & white photography's repertoire, as well as his unique, contemporary art photography on acrylic made Claude achieving an artistic interpretation, characterized by translucent colored use of light and shadow. In recent years, his dedication to abstract painting now following his photography, brings his work with new aspect and techniques of painting with acrylic on canvas and wooden pannel.